Undena Publications

     When Undena started forty-five years ago, its goal was to bring the market of scholarly publishing under the control of scholars. To this end, it used simple new typesetting and printing techniques that were just then being made available, and it experimented with innovative distribution methods. It continued in the same vein, being also one of the first publishers to make extensive and distinctive use of the digital medium.
     Currently, only the series Bibliotheca Mesopotamica and Aids and Research Tools are active, under the editorship of Federico Buccellati.
     We are also in the process of digitzing our entire Catalog, making it available for free on this website.
     The latest initiative is the start of the Dual Edition series: large hardbound books, with color printing, are all sold each at the same price ($15 USD). The .PDF version of the book (in both low and high resolution) is also made available immediately online at no cost. The first title in the series is Volume 6 of the Urkesh/Mozan Studies, by Federico Buccellati, Three-dimensional Volumetric Analysis in an Archaeologivcal Context. The Palace of Tupkish at Urkesh and its Representation.

Giorgio Buccellati, General Editor

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