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     A central concern in the current use of websites is what may be defined as their lack of bibliographical status. Besides internal issues, regarding the structure of the website and its contents, there is what we may call an issue of governance. Traditionally, publishing houses have served as guarantors of the nature and integrity of printed publications. Pulbishing houses and libraries are then, together, guarantors of the enduring availability of the resulting product.
     Websites have not, to date, been considered to be within the purview of publishing houses, a policy that has to do with the nature of websites as currently conceived. They tend to be anonymous, non-linear, ephemeral and not reviewed nor vetted the way paper publications are.
     Undena Publications, in this, its 50th anniversary, is taking once more the initiative and is starting (as of 2023) to publish websites as part of its regular catalog. Measures are taken to guarantee quality and a special structural integrity, and to ensure durability.
     An Undena digital book is a website understood, in this perspective, as distinct from an electronic version which serves merely as an analog of a printed book (as per our dual edition series). It is therefore clearly associated with one or more author, peer reviewed, inter-planar in structure, and permanent. This is described in detail in our digital book Cybernetica Mesopotamica.
     ISBN numbers (International Standard Book Numbers) serve to identify each publisher and each publication, and since 1967 they have been used for printed media, more recently for ebooks or other electronic versions of the printed media. Undena is now using ISBN numbers for websites conceived as digital books. This is a marker of the full bibliographical status of the digital book.
     DOI numbers (Digital Object Identifiers) serve in a similar way to identify a digital object, such as a website. They differ from the ISBN number in two important ways. On the one hand, they point to the target taking the reader directly to it. On the negative side, they do not imply any specific publishing oversight, as afforded by a publishing house.

Cybernetica Mesopotamica

Giorgio Buccellati

Online at https://cyb-mes.net.

ISBN 978-0-89003-121-6


A Critique of Archaeological Reason

Giorgio Buccellati and Laerke Recht

Online at https://Critique-of-AR.net.

ISBN 978-0-89003-131-5


Urkesh Ceramic Analysis

Marilyn Kelly- Buccellati
with the collaboration of Laerke Recht
and the assistance of Caitlin Chavez Yates

Online at https://urkesh.org/Ceramics

ISBN 978-0-89003-132-2