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A series that seeks to foster a better understanding of a crucial period in the history of Western civilization. Included are contributions by noted scholars in the fields of history, philosophy, religion, and science. Issued under the auspices of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA.

1. The "Past" in Medieval and Modern Greek Culture

S. Vryonis, Jr., Ed.

Pp. 256 + 33 pls.

Paper ISBN 505-7 $13.00

3. A Brief History of the Greek-American Community of St. George, Memphis, Tennessee 1962-1982

S. Vryonis, Jr.

1982. Pp. x + 129.

Paper ISBN 127-4 $14.00

Cloth ISBN 126-6 $27.00

4. Byzantine Studies in Honor of Milton V. Anastos

S. Vryonis, Jr., Ed.

1986. Pp. x + 232.

Paper ISBN 169-X $32.00

Cloth ISBN 168-1 $44.00