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Published for the UCLA Department of Anthropology

Descriptive, methodological, and theoretical essays devoted to the anthropologist's experience of many and varied realities.

1. Introduction to Aesthetic Anthropology

J. Maquet.

1979. Pp. 110.

Paper ISBN 041-3 $12.00

2. On Linguistic Anthropology: Essays in Honor of Harry Hoijer [1979]

J. Greenberg, D. Hymes, and P. Friedrich.

1980. Pp. 140.

Cloth ISBN 062-6 $26.00

Paper ISBN 062-6 $13.00

3. On Symbols in Anthropology: Essays in Honor of Harry Hoijer [1980]

J. Fernandez, M. Spiro, and M. Singer.

1982. Pp. vi + 134.

Paper ISBN 090-1 $16.00

4. Ecstasy and Healing in Nepal.
An Ethnopsychiatric Study of Tamang Shamanism

Larry Peters

1981. Pp. vi + 179.

Cloth ISBN 095-2

Paper ISBN 094-4

5. On Marxian Perspectives in Anthropology: Essays in Honor of Harry Hoijer [1981]

Sidney Mintz, Maurice Godelier, and Bruce Trigger.

1985. Pp. vi + 98.

Cloth ISBN 178-9 $26.00

Paper ISBN 179-7 $16.00

6. On the Evolution of Complex Societies: Essays in Honor of Harry Hoijer [1982]

W. Sanders, H. Wright, and R. McAdams.

1984. Pp. viii + 128.

Paper ISBN 139-8 $19.00

7. On Evolutionary Anthropology: Essays in Honor of Harry Hoijer [1983]

B.J. Williams, L. L. Cavalli-Sforza, H. Harpending, P. Draper, and S. Stanley.

1986. Pp. 104.

Cloth ISBN 170-3 $26.00

Paper ISBN 171-1 $16.00

9. The Persistence of Religions: Essays in Honor of Kees Bolle

S. J. Denning-Bolle and E. Gerow, Eds.
Contributors: S. Denning-Bolle, S. Cain, J. Long, J. Kitagawa, J. Bregman, R. Ferwerda, K. van Kooij, A. Aronowicz, M. van Voss, S. Sharbrough, A. Sharma, P. North, T. Jacobsen, G. Buccellati, W. Johnson, C. Grottanelli, B. Thorp, J. Hollenback, R. Talbott, W. Dupré, E. Gerow, L. Raskind, J. Lane, R. Hecht & R. Friedland, N. Smart, B. Lincoln, W. Malandra, R. Mellor, J. Hoftijzer, K. Bolle.

1996. Pp. xxii + 444.

Paper ISBN 500-1 $45.00