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Anthroponymie et Anthropologie de Nuzi, Vol. I: Les Anthroponymes

E. Cassin and J.-G. Glassner.

1977. Pp. 187.

Cloth ISBN 024-3 $52.00

A Computerized Listing of Biographical Data from the yatimat al-dahr by al-Tha alibi

E. K. Rowson and S. A. Bonebakker.

1980. Pp. viii + 101.

Paper ISBN 044-8 $24.00

The History of Geography: Translations of Some French and German Essays

G. Dunbar, Ed. M. de Martonne, P. Claval, P. Pinchemel, H. Wagner, A. Hettner, H. Beck.

Biobibliography, 1983. Pp. 121.

Paper ISBN 148-7 $14.00

Spearhead Governatore: Remembrances of the Campaign in Italy

William A. Lessa

1985. Pp. xiv-237.

Cloth ISBN 163-0 $30.00

The Millennia for Today.
Archaeology against War: Yesterday's Urkesh in today's Syria.

Giorgio Buccellati, Stefania Ermidoro, Yasmine Mahmoud

2019. Pp. 112.

Paper ISBN 978-0-9798937-5-9 $10.00