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A series devoted to promoting some of the latest ideas about, and developing insights into, various aspects of the Middle East. The volumes are drawn from the contributions of noted scholars in their respective fields and reflect the interactions of scholars and non-experts in discussions, seminars, and exhibitions held at the University of Texas, Austin.

2. Immortal Egypt.

Denise Schmandt-Besserat, Ed.
Contributors: D. Schmandt-Besserat, G. R. Hughes, K. W. Butzer, W. K. Simpson, H. A. Liebowitz, T. A. Wertime, L. M. Gallery, C. Aldred.

1978. Pp. viii + 62 + 47 pls.

Cloth ISBN 056-1 $30.00

Paper ISBN 057-X $18.00

3. Early Technologies.

Denise Schmandt-Besserat, Ed.
Contributors: C. S. Smith, D. de Solla Price, T. A. Wertime, J. F. Epstein, D. Schmandt-Besserat, B. S. Hall, S. M. Alexander, J. A. Williams.

1979. Pp. iv + 77 + 28 pls.

Out of print

4. Ancient Persia: The Art of an Empire.

Denise Schmandt-Besserat, Ed.
Contributors: D. Schmandt-Besserat, M. C. Root, A. Farkas, O. W. Muscarella, A. Spycket, S. M. Goldstein, E. D. Francis, S. M. Alexander.

1980. Pp. 96 + 45 pls.

Out of print