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A series that presents proceedings of colloquia in comparative literature and the arts.

1. The Dream and the Play: Ionesco's Theatrical Quest.

M. Lazar, Ed.

Paper ISBN 108-8 $21.00

2. The Anxious Subject: Nightmares and Daymares in Literature and Film.

M. Lazar, Ed.

Paper ISBN 116-9 $21.00

3. Play Dürrenmatt.

M. Lazar, Ed.

Paper ISBN 129-0 $21.00

4. Discovering the Other: Humanities East and West.

R. Ellwood, Ed.

Paper ISBN 151-7 $21.00

5. The Dove and the Mole: Kafka's Journey into Darkness and Creativity

M. Lazar and R. Gottesman, Eds.

Cloth ISBN 251-3 $32.00

Paper ISBN 250-5 $21.00

6. Zen in American Life and Letters

R. Ellwood, Ed.

Cloth ISBN 261-0 $32.00

Paper ISBN 260-2 $21.00


PaperBACKS $99.00