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OP: Occasional Papers
A series devoted to aspects of the Near East not covered by the other monographic series. Archaeology, philology, linguistics, and history are included, from ancient to modern times, from the Caucasus to the Gulf, from the Indus to the Nile.

1/1. Unexcavated Objects and Ancient Near Eastern Art: Addenda.

O. W. Muscarella.


1/2. Making Stone Vases: Ethno-archaeological Studies at an Alabaster Workshop in Upper Egypt.

R. F. Heizer and T. R. Hester.


1/3. Photographic Heritage of the Middle East (1849-1893).

P. Chevedden.


1/4. Astronomical Dating of Babylon I and Ur III.

P. J. Huber et al.

Out of print

2/1. Ancient Seals and the Bible.

L. Gorelick and E. Williams-Forte, Eds.


2/2. Palestinian Objects at the University of Minnesota.

W. Coulson.