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A series that seeks to foster a better understanding of a crucial period in the history of Western civilization. Included are contributions by noted scholars in the fields of history, philosophy, religion, and science. Issued under the auspices of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA.

2. The King's Progress to Jerusalem [Reformation interpretations of the biblical David]

E. Gosselin.

Paper ISBN 013-8 $20.00

Cloth ISBN 013-X $27.00

3. The Politics of an Erasmian Lawyer, Vasco de Quiroga [bishop of Michoacan, Mexico]

R. Dealy.

1976. Pp. 33.

Paper ISBN 015-4 $6.00

4. Persian Medical Manuscripts at the University of California, Los Angeles: A Descriptive Catalogue

L. Richter-Bernburg.

1978. Pp. xxiv + 297.

Cloth ISBN 026-X $57.00

5. Rhetoric and Poetic in Thomas More's "Utopia"

A. F. Kinney.

1979. Pp. 36.

Paper ISBN 025-1 $9.00

6. Tenth-Century Latinity: [bishop] Rather of Verona

Peter L. D. Reid.

1981. Pp. 139 + indexes.

Paper ISBN 070-7 $23.00

7. Ovid's "Metamorphoses": An Index to the 1632 Commentary of George Sandys

C. Grose.

1981. Pp. 154.

Cloth ISBN 074-X $36.00

Paper ISBN 073-1 $26.00

8. The Discourse of [Machiavelli's] "Il Principe"

M. McCanles.

1983. Pp. 154.

Paper ISBN 149-5 $26.00