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A series meant to serve the needs of the specialized field that is closely identified with the study of Assyrian as a dialect of Akkadian and with the history of Assyria as a special aspect of Mesopotamian civilization, from early times to the end of the Assyrian empire.

1/1. The Alleged Middle/Neo-Assyrian Irregular Verb *nass and the Assyrian Sound Change > s.

S. Parpola.

The kumanu Measure as 1/4 of 1 iku.

M. Liverani.

Out of print

1/2. Some Considerations on the Stelae of Assur.

C. Saporetti.


1/3. A. Leo Oppenheim, 1904-1974

G. Buccellati and A. D. Kilmer.

Assur Notes on Some Nineveh Horse Lists

F. M. Fales.


1/4. Jacob J. Finkelstein, 1922-1974.

W. W. Hallo.

Akkadian ksr and kr.

A. K. Grayson.

Assyrian Texts-1.

D. Foxvog.

Out of print

1/5. Composition of Some Narrative Reliefs from Khorsabad.

E. Guralnick.


1/6. Tell al-Fakhar (Kurruhanni) a dimtu-Settlement: Excavation Reports.

Y. M. Al-Khalesi.

Out of print
Online version (10.8 MB)

1/7. The Royal Inscriptions of Aur-Nasir-Apli II (883-859 B.C.).

W. de Filippi.

Out of print

1/8. A Dedicatory Inscription of the Urartian King Ipuini.

M. Salvini.

Ein Mittelassyrischer ba'iru.

C. Saporetti.


1/9. A Nuzi Private Archive: Morphological Considerations.

M. P. Maidman.


2/1. Les rapports entre Nuzi et Hannigalbat.

C. Zaccagnini.

The tallu Measure of Capacity at Nuzi.

C. Zaccagnini.

Out of print

2/2. Hurrian Personal Names in the Rimah Archives.

J. Sasson.


2/3. The Arena of Tiglath-pileser III's Campaign against Sarduri II (743 B.C.).

M. C. Astour.


2/4. Assyrian Documents in the Muse d'Art et d'Histoire, Geneva.

J. N. Postgate.


2/5. Collations to Neo-Assyrian Legal Texts from Nineveh.

S. Parpola.


3/1. Documents d'epoque medio-assyrienne.

M.-J. Aynard and J.-M. Durand

Les sceaux.

P. Amiet.


3/2. Provincial Governance in Middle Assyria.

P. Machinist.


3/3. A Mediterranean Seascape from Khorsabad.

P. Albenda.


3/4. STT 366: Deutungsversuch 1982.

K. Deller.

Rekonstruktion von VTE 438 auf Grund von Erra III A17

K. Watanabe.


4/1. Khabur Ware and Nuzi Ware.

D. Stein.


4/2. Neo-Assyrian Sculptures from Saddikanni (Tell Ajaja).

A. Mahmoud.


4/3. Assyrians in Chaldean and Achaemanian Babylonia.

R. Zadok.